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Winterizing Your Cabin to Avoid Water Damage in Bayfield, WI

August 30th, 2017 · No Comments

The summer days in Bayfield, WI, are numbered. The time when the kids go back to school is quickly approaching, and with it the lazy days at the lake are numbered. You’ve had one of the best summers in your cabin on the lake and now with summer ending you have to start closing everything down. You’ve heard horror stories from your neighbors about them returning to their cabins at the end of winter to find flood damage or the need for burst pipe cleanup. Your one goal is to not have a horror story of your own.

Before closing down the cabin for the winter you need to winterize it. Disconnect the power and shut the water off. Once the water has been shut off to both the inside and outside the lines need to be emptied. The easiest way to empty the lines is to run the faucet until no more water comes out. Once the lines have been emptied it is also best if the faucets are left open, that way if there is water in the line it has somewhere else to go instead of into your home. Any water that is left in the lines with no way out has the opportunity to freeze and cause larger problems for your Bayfield, WI, cabin come spring.

If even after all your preparation, you find yourself needing burst pipe cleanup or flood damage cleanup, give us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services a call and we’ll be there as soon as possible to help with the water extraction and water damage restoration process. The best you can do is work hard to get the water out of your home as quickly as possible to allow your belongings to start drying out. To help reduce the amount of damage you may face if disaster does strike is to cover your furniture and other belongings with plastic or store them off site of your cabin. But if these possibilities aren’t possible we can help you get your belonging dried out and restored to normal.

For your water damage restoration or water removal needs in Bayfield, WI call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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Storms Are Filling the Skies—Be Prepared for Disaster Cleanup in Ashland, WI

August 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

The storms have been rolling through Ashland, WI, like a steady drumroll. Every other week the threat of severe weather looms above, and the skies darken to the color of the night sky in the middle of the day. Your home has survived but your trees and plants look like they’ve been through the ringer and you’re in desperate need of debris cleanup. You’ve also lost many large trees and you don’t know where to begin.

At ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services, we’re here to help everyone in the Ashland, WI area with all their disaster restoration needs. We can help with storm damage cleanup and board up services. We can also help you get your home boarded up to protect your belongings until you get the damage repaired. The storms that roll in are unpredictable and there’s never a way to know what’s going to be damaged or how bad the damage is going to be.

If you find yourself the victim of storm damage, after making the call to us to help you, you can take the following steps to make the damage restoration process faster and stress-free:

  • Board up any of the holes or windows that have been damaged. This adds security and protection against additional rain
  • Try to remove large branches or debris from around your home because if another storm rolls through they could become projectiles
  • If you wake up in the middle of the storm go to the basement and leave cleanup for after the storm has passed
    • Don’t go out into the storm to remove patio furniture or other items since they may become projectiles that can cause you injury
  • Make note of all the damage so we can discuss it in detail when we arrive and create the best plan to start debris cleanup

For your disaster cleanup needs in Ashland, WI, call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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A Sparkler in Your Living Room! Fire Damage Restoration in Park Falls, WI

July 12th, 2017 · No Comments

It’s a beautiful night in Park Falls, WI. You spent the day cleaning your windows and screens. The windows are open wide to air out the house and the screens are still leaning against the side of the house to dry.

Your family has arrived for an impromptu get-together at your house and your uncle has arrived with sparklers for the kids. While your uncle has gotten older he still acts like a kid much of the time. As the kids start lighting the sparklers he’s right there with his own to join in the fun. The rest of the adults are sitting on the lawn watching the sparkler show on the driveway.

Suddenly your uncle makes a yelp and flings his hand. What you didn’t see was the half-burned sparkler that went flying from his hand as he yelped. You see him looking around on the ground but it doesn’t occur to you that he’s looking for a lite sparkler. The window above the driveway leads to the living room and somehow the sparkler your uncle flicked out of his hand went through that window. As you continue to sit and enjoy the night you notice a thin line of smoke coming from the window and rush inside to find the carpet smoldering and the curtains just catching fire.

Where in Park Falls, WI can you find help with fire damage restoration?

ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services serves the Park Falls, WI area and is here for all your fire damage restoration needs. We know that accidents happen and fire damage can be a result. We’re here for you and have the tools and techniques to get the job done professionally and quickly. We help with fire damage repair as well as smoke damage mitigation. We know that the damage from smoke is just as bad as the damage from the fire. Our goal is to get you back into your home fast. Our technicians employ all the latest fire damage clean up techniques to make that possible.

For your fire damage restoration needs in Park Falls, WI, call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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It’s Raining in Your Basement! Count on ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services for Water Damage Repair in Philips, WI

June 7th, 2017 · No Comments

You’ve finally made it to your cabin in the Phillips, WI, area. As you go through your checklist of things to do to get the cabin up and running, you head down to the basement and turn the water on to the outside spigots. In your eagerness to finish these boring chores so you can hit the lake to do some serious fishing, you forget to inspect the piping and ensure everything is in proper working order.

You head outside to start filing the above ground pool. You get the hose, connect it to the backyard spigot, drape it over the side of the pool, and turn on the spigot. You double check and make sure the water is flowing, then go about picking up sticks and debris from the yard. You go back to check on how the pool is filling, but for some reason, no water is coming from the hose.

You check the hose to ensure it hasn’t sprung a leak or been disconnected from the spigot. Everything appears fine, so you head indoors and down into the basement. As you get to the bottom of the stairs you see water spraying from the pipes up by the ceiling. It’s raining in your finished basement! Apparently, the pipe leading to the back spigot suffered some freeze damage over the winter, and when you turned it on, the water pressure caused the pipe to rupture! As you make your way to the water shutoff you find yourself wading through ankle-deep water. Where are you going to find water damage repair services in Philips, WI, to take care of this soggy mess?

ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services helps those in the Philips, WI, area with all their water damage cleanup needs. Our technicians work fast to get the water extraction process started. We know that the work needs to start fast to keep secondary damage from happening. The longer the water is allowed to sit, the greater the chances of mold growth. But don’t fear, if you don’t find the water fast enough and mold does grow, we’re equipped and trained to perform mold removal.

We can help with all your burst pipe cleanup and flood damage. We understand that watching your belongings go underwater is heartbreaking, and we’ll do everything we can to make the water damage cleanup process pain free. For your water damage restoration needs in Philips, WI, call ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services immediately at (715) 682-4500.

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Your Storage Shed Has Been Destroyed! ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services Offers Disaster Restoration in Bayfield, WI

May 8th, 2017 · No Comments

It’s been a long day at work in Bayfield, WI. It was full of activity and running around and now you’re tired. As you round the corner of your mile long driveway you see that the storage shed on the back of your property is in flames. You quickly speed up the rest of your driveway and make it to your shed in record time. As you get closer it appears that only one corner is on fire but the windows have been broken and holes have been put through the other walls. You grab the garden hose and get the fire out managing to save the rest of the building. Once the fire is out you can finally get a good look at the damage. There’s graffiti scrawled across the walls and the items that you had inside are in varying degrees of damage. You think to yourself that it’s going to take forever for you to determine if anything is missing and to get this all cleaned up. You have been vandalized and now are left with the reality of getting things cleaned up and back to order.

Where in Bayfield, WI, can you find someone that can help with a disaster restoration such as this?

At ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services (SSRS), we have the tools and techniques to help those of you in the Bayfield, WI, area with all your disaster restoration needs. We offer many different services when it comes to disaster restoration and have the tools and the experienced technicians to get the job done quickly. It can be very difficult to watch your belongings and world being destroyed right before your eyes, but we’re here to help with the debris cleanup. We also have board up services to make sure your structure is secure and nothing else can happen to your belongings before the work gets done. Additionally, we have pack-out and content storage services to allow us to remove your property and get it cleaned correctly and back to its original condition. We will do everything we can to get your world back to normal.

For your disaster restoration needs in Bayfield, WI, call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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Your Brand New Washer is Gushing Water: When to Call for Water Damage Restoration in Park Falls, WI

April 6th, 2017 · No Comments

You just got your brand new washer and dryer installed in your Park Falls, WI, home. With your new appliances, it’s just like Christmas morning and you’re excited to wash your first load. You go around the house looking for dirty clothes to wash and wonder idly how long this will be fun before you resent your new “toys.” For now, though, you just want to see how they work and see if they really do make the clothes as clean as they advertised. You head down into the basement with your basket of dirty clothes and make your way to your new washer. You get everything into the basket, including the detergent and the fabric softener. You hit the button and step back, waiting for the magic to begin. Suddenly, your brand new washer is puking water out from underneath. It’s filling up your laundry room and leaving you in a puddle. You stand in awe for all of 30 seconds as your brain tries to comprehend what’s happening. Once your brain registers what you’re seeing, you spring into action. You push all the buttons you can reach, even pushing some of the buttons at the same time, trying to shut off the washer and make the water stop but nothing is working. The lid has locked and you can’t get it open and water is flooding everything.

Finally, the washer goes into the first spin cycle and you can push the pause button. The water has stopped gushing but it’s too late: your laundry room looks like a lake and the water is seeping under the door into the basement. You slowly open the door of the laundry room, trying to keep most of the water from gushing out, only to fail and flood the rest of your basement. Your carpet is soaked and anything and everything that was on the floor is now floating. First you need to call the appliance company to get them to fix the washer, and second you need to find a water damage restoration service in the Park Falls, WI, area.

At ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services, we service the Park Falls, WI, area and aid them with all their water extraction needs. We know how difficult it is to watch your belongings and hard work floating in your basement and we’re here to help with flood damage restoration. We’re available all day every day to help you with all your water damage restoration needs and get your world turned rightside up again. We can help you with water removal and water damage repair. Our technicians are highly trained and have the experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and correctly.

We understand that water damage can cause heartache. To get you back to normal faster with water damage restoration in Park Falls, WI, call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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When the Sump Pump Quits: Water Damage Restoration Needs in Park Falls, WI

March 8th, 2017 · No Comments

You just bought a new home at the beginning of the winter in Park Falls, WI. This is the first home you’ve ever owned that had a sump pump. It’s in the basement in the laundry room and you don’t know anything about it. With the recent warm weather and the rapidly melting snow, you’re just hoping that it’s doing what it’s supposed to and keeping the basement dry. It’s a Friday night and for the first time this week you make your way to the basement to start laundry. As you make your way down the stairs you notice your fabric softener box floating by. You make your way to the third step from the bottom and see water all the way up to the bottom of the first step. The sump pump is completely underwater and the water is at the bottom of your furnace and water heater. It turns out that a chunk of ice blocked the pipe running underground through your backyard and caused the water to back up and the sump pump to stop working. Now you’re left with a mess as the finished side of your basement has been completely submerged and is in ruin. Where in Park Falls, WI, can you find help with water damage restoration?

At ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services (SSRS), servicing the Park Falls, WI, area, we’re ready to help you with your water damage restoration needs. We follow a three-phase process that will help us to get your home back to its original condition as quickly as possible. The first phase is the emergency service phase where we work quickly to inspect the water damage and determine the extent of the damage to your possessions and flooring. We work quickly to start the water removal process with high velocity air movers and dehumidifiers. Phase two includes water damage cleanup and reinstallation of your upholstery and flooring. In this phase the water removal equipment is also removed. The third and final phase is when structural water damage repair is performed. Drywall, ceilings, and floors are repaired if possible.

We understand that water damage is a headache. For headache-free water damage restoration in Park Falls, WI, call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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Mother Nature Had Other Plans: Disaster Restoration in Phillips, WI

February 14th, 2017 · No Comments

At the beginning of the week the weather was unusually warm for Phillips, WI. The temperatures were in the low 40s, which is almost unheard of for January. The snow began to melt and the ground began to soften. As the week continued the temperatures began to drop back to where they normally reside in the teens and twenties. Then last night a storm hit. The wind howled and the snow came down in droves. The snow was a thick heavy blanket that covered the entire landscape. The beautiful oak sitting in your front yard began to bend under the weight. Suddenly with the weight of the new snow and as a result of the ground not being completely frozen from the warm temps at the beginning of the week, the tree toppled. It fell right into the corner of the house and smashed through the roof. Luckily it fell into the guest room and no one was staying over when it happened. But now you need disaster restoration in Phillips, WI.

At ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services, we have just what you need. We offer many different services when it comes to disaster restoration and can provide exactly what’s needed to get the job done quickly. We understand how difficult it is to see your home and life crumbling from an act of nature that you didn’t have control over. We offer emergency board up services so we can protect what hasn’t been damaged.

We offer pack out services to take your belongings off site. This allows us to take the time and have the space to ensure everything is cleaned and returned to its original condition as quickly as possible, hopefully saving you from the expense of replacing valuable possessions. The quicker you contact us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services, the quicker we can get to work on your disaster restoration.

For your disaster restoration needs in Phillips, WI, call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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A Blanket Fell Against the Space Heater, Caused a Fire, and Now You Need Fire Damage Repair in Bayfield, WI

January 17th, 2017 · No Comments

You live in the frozen tundra of Bayfield, WI, and lately the weather has been living up to the name, with temperatures plummeting below zero. As a consequence, the temperature in your basement has also been plummeting, making you concerned that the pipes might freeze. Your temporary solution is to put a space heater in the basement to help keep the temperature in a comfortable range. It’s three a.m. and you’ve just been woken up from a dead sleep. You’re disoriented and dazed but your sleep-addled brain registers the smell of smoke. You stumble down the stairs and see the smoke coming from the basement. Suddenly you’re wide awake and you grab the fire extinguisher. You’re able to get the fire out before the fire department arrives. Somehow a blanket fell against the space heater in the night and the blanket caught on fire. The only real fire damage is to the corner that the space heater was in, but there is smoke throughout the house and soot throughout the basement.

At ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services in Bayfield, WI, we are a certified damage restoration company. We have the training and the skill to aid you with fire damage cleanup and smoke damage mitigation. Smoke and soot can permeate every surface of the home, even if the room wasn’t involved in the original fire. Smoke can get trapped in the air ducts during a fire and build up, causing odor issues and negatively affecting your air quality. Soot has an oily quality that allows it to adhere and stain anything it comes into contact with. Because of this, smoke cleanup and soot removal are time sensitive and important.

Fire, smoke, and soot can cause corrosive etching as quickly as 72 hours after the fire damage. For this reason, ServiceMaster has a 5-step process to help make the fire damage cleanup go quickly and correctly. The 5-step process includes emergency pre-cleaning, content cleaning, content pack-out, wall and ceiling cleaning, and deodorization. We are available 24/7 to help you with your fire damage mitigation.

For your fire damage cleanup and smoke damage cleanup in Bayfield, WI, call us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (715) 682-4500.

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Is your Ashland, WI, Home Ready for Winter? ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services is Always Available to Provide Water Damage Restoration Services

December 15th, 2016 · No Comments

Winter is the time for ice dams and frozen pipes which can lead to devastating water damage in your Ashland, WI, home.

Who should you call if you’re faced with the need for water damage restoration services in Ashland, WI? ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services is available to help 24/7 365 days a year.

The following are a few simple ways to prepare your home for winter and prevent water damage. Hopefully, you completed these steps during September, October, and November, but you can still complete them to avoid winter water damage:

  • Have your heating system inspected and, if needed, tuned-up
  • Inspect for air leaks near and around the foundation and repair as needed
  • Remove hoses and turn off exterior faucets
  • Check weather stripping around windows and doorframes and replace if needed

In life, things will go wrong, whether it’s a leaky dishwasher or a flooded basement from a frozen pipe that burst. Water damage to homes was responsible for about 33.7 % of homeowners insurance losses in 2014. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services is here to help when you’re faced with a water damage disaster.

ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services in Ashland, WI, has qualified technicians that will immediately assess the situation and come up with a water damage restoration plan.

Response time is crucial in dealing with water damage in a home. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services provides three main phases of restoration:

  1. Emergency Services
  2. Reinstallation and cleaning
  3. Structural Repairs

ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services uses high-quality machines such as dehumidifiers and air movers to remove excess water and thoroughly dry your property.

Trust the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services in Ashland to use the best equipment to repair and restore your property and personal items quickly, before more water damage occurs. Don’t waste time!

Don’t be left out in the cold. If you encounter water damage in your Ashland, WI, home this winter, call ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services today at (715) 682-4500 for more information about our water damage restoration services.

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