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Unconventional Water Damage: Potential Flood Hazards and Locations in Your Ashland, WI Home Where Water Damage May Be Lurking!

August 1st, 2015 · No Comments

A flood isn’t the only reason you may need to utilize ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services’ water damage resources! In fact, some items inside your home are significantly more likely to cause water damage than outside forces. We’re here to inform you about the potential locations of secret water leakage in your Ashland, WI home so you can be better prepared to prevent and correct any potential water damage.

Washing Machines

A home appliance that’s difficult to do without, the washing machine is a staple in most American homes. According to, when these machines breakdown, the average cost to consumers is $5,308 per incident! Not only is this a heavy cost for you, but also a heavy cost on your flooring! It’s important to make sure your washing machine is equipped with the proper supply line assemblies and drain hose. When you notice the slightest leak, have the appliance checked as soon as possible for the sake of your wallet and your flooring.


A broken water pipe can mean disaster for your home, and freezing is the fastest way to end up with a burst pipe. There are a few ways to prevent a pipe from bursting. First, remove all hoses from your exterior spouts, and second, always leave your sink’s cabinet doors open in the winter. It may seem like a pain, but the water damage and cost of a broken pipe significantly outweighs the couple of seconds it takes to open your cabinet doors.


It’s safe to say that when there’s a storm you shouldn’t just be worrying about flooding outside the house. Even if a flood doesn’t sweep through your home, your basement may be creating a slew of water damage. Always check your basement windows and corners to ensure that your basement is not leaking. Even a small amount can potentially ruin your carpet and create a toxic infestation of mold. In the event your basement is leaking, keep a wet/dry vac handy and contact someone to come fix the leak.

If you’re too late and you find out the hard way you have hidden water damage in your Ashland, WI home, contact ServiceMaster Restoration Services today! We offer high quality and efficient water damage clean up services at a value price!



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