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Compassionate Hoarder Cleanup Services are Available in Park Falls, WI

November 4th, 2015 · No Comments

In recent years, reality TV shows such as “Hoarders” and “Hoarding: Buried Alive” have brought the physical and emotional dangers of hoarding to the public’s attention in Park Falls, WI.

Sadly, it’s estimated that anywhere from 5 to 14 million Americans are affected by the hoarding disorder, which Mayo Clinic defines as the excessive collecting of items coupled with the inability to discard them regardless of their value. A person with hoarding disorder lives in unsanitary conditions and experiences tremendous stress at the thought of getting rid of their possessions.

In addition to the devastating mental and emotional toll that hoarding can take on an individual or family, it can create several physical dangers. These include:

  • Blocked exits and heating vents.
  • Being trapped under fallen piles and stacks of hoarded items and debris.
  • Exposure to poisons, such as ammonia and/or biohazardous materials, including vomit, blood, feces, and urine.
  • Exposure to spoiled or rotten food.
  • Severe insect and rodent infestation.

Also, the Department of Children and Families can remove children from a home that poses serious health and safety risks. And, the Disabled Personal Protection Commission may take action on behalf of a dependent family member with a disability.

In Park Falls, WI, the sensitive and well-trained trauma cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services are standing by to help you or a loved one with our comprehensive hoarder cleanup services. (Other trauma cleanup services we offer include industrial accidents, homicides, meth labs, vehicle mishap cleaning, and more.)

Our hoarder cleanup services include the removal of items, hauling of heavy appliances and furniture, and thorough cleanup of the home. While we’re performing our hoarder cleanup services, we’ll treat you or your loved one with respect and dignity.

For compassionate, sensitive, and non-judgmental hoarder cleanup services in the Wisconsin communities of Ashland, Bayfield, Park Falls, and Phillips, contact us today at 715-682-4500. Using the latest cleaning tools and techniques, we’re standing by to help you get your home back to a safe, clean, and orderly condition.

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